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Top 14 Notion Tips for Productivity!

Top 14 Notion Tips for Productivity!


Discover 14 Notion productivity tips, covering time-saving tricks, organizational hacks, aesthetic enhancements, and new features like synced blocks and the Web Clipper, in Jeff Su's comprehensive video tutorial.

Top 14 Notion Tips for Productivity:



Is Notion even worth using if you can't make it look pretty? In this video I share 14 Notion Tips for Productivity broken down into 3 categories: (1) Time-saving tips, (2) Notion Organizational Tricks, and (3) Notion Aesthetic hacks.

Although synced blocks is a new feature, I immediately saw a chance to use it in my Weekly Agenda template, and now it saves me an extra step of copying and pasting to-do's over to the next week. I also like to set reminders within specific Notion pages so I can go back to that block directly. The Notion Web Clipper tool is simply amazing: It lets me capture notes and ideas down so quickly when I'm just browsing the web!

Of course, it wouldn't be a Jeff Su video without my favorite Notion Keyboard Shortcuts, and I share the ones I use everyday just to get things done a bit quicker 😉. Sorting your Notion databases correctly is also very important since Databases is such an important feature so I go through quite a few examples of my own Notion pages to (hopefully) provide you with some inspiration

What You'll Learn in this Tutorial:

  • Notion. new to Open a New Page
  • Create Template Buttons in Notion
  • How to Create Synced Blocks
  • Set Reminders in Notion
  • Best Notion Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Use Notion Web Clipper Tool
  • How to Sort Database in Notion
  • Use Embedded Archived Pages
  • Create Nested Columns in Notion
  • Use Toggle Feature in Notion
  • Link to Specific Blocks in Notion
  • Use Custom Icons in Notion
  • Use a Consistent Color Scheme
  • Leave yourself a Comment in Notion

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