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Welcome to Prodify 🤝 by Tariq Khatri

Prodify is a premier place for Notion templates, tools, and more, designed to help individuals, teams, and businesses stay productive and organized.

Find powerful and easy-to-use Notion systems for you and your organization.

What We Offer

Notion Templates by Prodify

We have developed following templates, like 1:1 Meetings, Resume Creator, Easy Shift Tracker, which are designed to help you boost productivity. With these tools, you can easily organize meetings, track shifts, and create a professional resume. Try them out to simplify your work life!

Discover the Best Notion Templates for Professionals

In alignment with our mission to help you stay productive and organized, we have curated an amazing collection of Notion templates that are tailored to streamline your life and work, offering solutions for individuals and businesses.


Education templates help students and teachers boost productivity by organizing goals, assignments, and study schedules, and aiding in lesson planning, student assessment, and classroom organization.


Discover templates for managers and project managers to streamline workflows, track progress, and improve team collaboration, helping you manage tasks effectively and achieve success.


Discover templates designed for product managers to streamline workflows, track progress, and improve team collaboration, helping you manage your product efficiently and drive its success.

Engineering & IT

Discover templates for engineering managers and software engineers to streamline project management, enhance collaboration, and improve software development processes, helping you deliver high-quality results efficiently.

People & Hiring

Discover templates for recruiters and HR managers to streamline recruitment processes, track candidate progress, and improve team communication, helping you achieve your hiring goals efficiently.

Media & Marketing

Discover streamlined media and marketing workflows with customizable Notion templates collection for enhanced productivity, planning, and campaign management.

Further, our templates are categorized into:

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