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Notion Mastery: Unlock your potential with the world’s best Notion training

Notion Mastery: Unlock your potential with the world’s best Notion training


Gain mastery over Notion with live training, workshops, and a supportive community, unlocking your potential to streamline workflows effectively.

Unlock your potential with the world’s best Notion training:

What’s included

  • Action-focused curriculum
  • Live training, workshops & events
  • Private office hours & online forum
  • Solutions database
  • Formula fundamentals
  • Weekly review sessions & growing resource library
  • 12 months of updates & changelog

What You'll Learn in this Course:

Intro to Notion

Getting Started with Notion. Take the workspace items given to you (or use your own existing databases) and organize your sidebar in preparation for building your workspace.

Develop your basic Notion abilities

Helping you use Notion in useful ways, getting your information into the tool quickly, and creating useful pages.

Building Dashboards

Organize and control your information with customizable dashboards in different parts of your life and work.

Notion Master

Make your Notion workspace better and easier to use by using advanced features. You can even customize your dashboards to meet more specific needs.

Master Notion for Effective Workspaces

Notion Mastery offers a comprehensive program to help you master Notion and streamline your workflows. With a focus on hands-on learning, you'll progress through our curriculum at your own pace with the support of live events, office hours, and an active community of fellow learners. Access a growing library of templates, examples, and use cases, and learn the fundamentals of Notion's database formulas. Get your questions answered in private office hours and join our supportive online forum. Take control of your workspace and start mastering Notion today!


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