Notion Creator Course

Notion Creator Course


Learn to create and sell Notion templates profitably with the Notion Creator Course by Modest Mitkus, earning over $100,000 in template sales, offering a step-by-step revenue generation framework.

Learn how to create and sell Notion templates:

The Notion Creator Course is a 2-hour video course in which I share my framework of going from zero to $100k in revenue with no paid ads.

What You'll Learn in this Course:

After watching this 2-hour video course, you will know the entire process of creating and selling Notion templates that helped me generate over $100,000+ in revenue.

  • Where to find Notion template ideas.
  • How to choose a profitable Notion template idea.
  • How to validate your Notion template idea fast and easy.
  • How to create a Notion template the right way.
  • How to prepare your template for sale.
  • How to create high-quality marketing assets.
  • How to list your template on Gumroad the right way.
  • How and where to market your Notion templates.
  • How to make your first Notion template sale.

Here is the full course curriculum:

Module 1 - Exploring Notion (5 lessons | 15 minutes)

Learn about Notion, Notion templates, and how the whole logic works behind selling templates.

  1. What is Notion?
  2. Let’s explore Notion
  3. What is Notion templates?
  4. Why sell Notion templates?
  5. Why sell Notion templates
  6. Can you actually make sales?

Module 2 - Choosing template idea (5 lessons | 21 minutes)

Learn how to choose your profitable template idea that will be bulletproof to generate sales.

  1. Do some research
  2. Choose your niche
  3. Idea generation
  4. Ideas prioritization
  5. Idea validation

Module 3 - Creating template (11 lessons | 18 minutes)

Learn how to create templates easily and quickly with a straightforward system.

  1. Template types
  2. Template complexity
  3. Solve real problems
  4. Make it usable
  5. Have a schedule
  6. Define structure
  7. Create wireframes
  8. Have your own style
  9. Fulfill it with design
  10. Extra tweaks
  11. Test everything

Module 4 - Preparing template for sale (7 lessons | 27 minutes)

Learn how to prepare your template for selling by converting mockups, visuals, copy, etc.

  1. Create mockups
  2. Create visuals
  3. Write your copy
  4. Manage your templates
  5. Get duplicate link
  6. Set your pricing
  7. List on Gumroad

Module 5 - Selling template (6 lessons | 25 minutes)

Learn how to sell Notion templates. Discover all ways and tactics to market and make sales.

  1. Notion marketplaces
  2. Other marketplaces
  3. ProductHunt
  4. Social media
  5. Blogging
  6. Email marketing

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