Notion Consultants Course

Notion Consultants Course


Learn how to establish and grow a successful Notion consultancy, from initial setup to client management and business expansion, in a comprehensive course.

Learn How I Run A $10,000/Month Notion Consultancy.

From start to finish, the Notion Consultants Course will show you how to create a Notion Consulting business that is set up for consistent, effective, and scalable results.

WHAT Is A Notion Consultant?

It's a Notion mastermind who transfers their skills to companies in need. They create custom workspaces and provide in-demand services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Anyone can become a Notion Consultant. The only pre-requisite is a passion for this amazing app and the desire to share that with the world. You can learn how to use Notion through YouTube, paid courses, or on your own.

However, this is the ONLY course and content that teaches you how to become a Notion Consultant.

What You'll Learn in this Course:


Let me save you countless hours by detailing the exact steps you need to do, and WHEN to begin your journey. From building your brand, to preparing for your Certification, this module is crucial for setting yourself up for success.


It's safe to say, if you've made it this far, you're comfortable with Notion. But understanding solutions design and building a business is key. Expand on your practice and learn how to create your website, price your services, and build on your unique selling points.


From client processes to managing your 'back-end', I'll show you the tools and techniques I use to manage every phase of client acquisition. Whether it's marketing or maintaining your relationships, after this module you'll be ready hit the ground running.


Let the money roll in. Once you have a proven track record for success, become more than a consultant, and build your empire. Hiring, process improvement, passive incomes, and more are covered in this module.

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What is a Notion Consultant?

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