15 MUST-KNOW Notion tips for Productivity!

15 MUST-KNOW Notion tips for Productivity!


Discover 15 unconventional Notion tips for productivity, covering organization best practices and recent updates like Notion AI and Notion Buttons.

15 MUST-KNOW Notion tips for Productivity:



Notion is a relatively intuitive tool for the most part, but I bet you’ll find at least 1 Notion tip for productivity you didn’t know before in this video on 15 UNCONVENTIONAL Notion Tips for Productivity!

What You'll Learn in this Tutorial:

  • Productive way to add icons in Notion
  • Tab management in Notion
  • Notion Database navigation tips
  • Wrap individual columns
  • Use custom icons for columns
  • Edit properties directly in Gallery view
  • Repeating templates with recurring actions
  • Filter view: Date is relative to today
  • Change start week to Monday
  • Automatically update Day of the Week
  • Add navigation toggle to page (for mobile)
  • Database organization tips
  • Notion page organization tips
  • The one practical Notion AI tip (so far)
  • Use Save to Notion with Notion AI
  • Updated Notion Buttons feature

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