Ultimate Student Planner

Ultimate Student Planner


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Streamline your study routine with an all-in-one Notion template, offering academic tools, study methods, and student life resources for optimal organization and productivity

Ultimate Student Planner:


Template Description:

Stay organized and boost productivity with our versatile Notion template—ideal for students and lifelong learners.

Key Features:

Academic Tools:

  1. Cornells Methods: Optimize note-taking for effective learning.
  2. Pomodoro Methods: Timer and focus room included for efficient study sessions.
  3. Automated Spaced Repetition: Enhance memory retention effortlessly.
  4. Courses: Centralized management of your academic courses.
  5. Exams Trackers: Stay on top of exam schedules and preparations.
  6. Daily Tracker for Revision: Keep a daily log to enhance retention.
  7. External Resources: Access additional materials for comprehensive learning support.

Student Life Tools:

  1. Automated Budget Tracker: Manage finances effortlessly.
  2. Journaling Page: Document your academic journey and experiences.
  3. Automated Habits Tracker: Cultivate positive habits with ease.
  4. Goals Dashboard: Visualize and track your academic and personal goals.


  • Streamline assignments, track progress, and manage study materials effectively.
  • Tailor your study schedule, set personalized goals and deadlines.
  • Organize notes intuitively for an optimized study experience.
  • Utilize proven study methods like Pomodoro, Spaced Repetition, and Cornells.

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