Teacher Bundle: All Upgraded Teacher Templates

Teacher Bundle: All Upgraded Teacher Templates


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Transform your teaching journey with the Teacher Bundle – a trio of upgraded Notion templates (Classroom Manager+, Student Tracker+, Lesson Planner+) designed to revolutionize classroom organization for educators seeking enhanced functionality and aesthetics.

Teacher Bundle: All Upgraded Teacher Templates:


Template Description:

The Teacher Bundle is your ultimate Notion toolkit for classroom organization. This bundle features three power-packed templates: Classroom Manager, Student Tracker, and Lesson Planner. These templates are their upgraded versions, offering enhanced functionality, improved aesthetics, and unrivaled convenience. Get organized, stay focused, and inspire greatness in your students. Upgrade your teaching journey today!

Key Features:

Classroom Manager+:

  1. Centralized Class Hub:
    • Create a centralized place for each class, facilitating easy organization of assignments, announcements, and class information.
  2. Student-Friendly Class Pages:
    • Class pages are designed to be shared with students, providing a dedicated "home page" for each class.

Student Tracker+:

  1. Effortless Attendance Tracking:
    • Streamlined system for tracking student attendance, replacing traditional methods.
  2. User-Friendly Interface:
    • Simplifies attendance tracking, making it more manageable than paper or Excel-based systems.
  3. Tagging System:
    • Easily tag students as "Present," "Absent," or "Late" for efficient tracking.
  4. Auto-Calculation:
    • Automatically generates student attendance scores based on the tagging system.
  5. Individual Student Pages:
    • Dedicated pages for each student, allowing the addition of relevant student information.

Lesson Planner+:

  1. Simple Lesson Creation:
    • Simplifies the process of creating and organizing lessons for effective planning.
  2. Drag-and-Drop Functionality:
    • Allows easy planning and rearranging of lessons by dragging and dropping onto a calendar.
  3. Lesson Unit Folders:
    • Organize lessons into folders for better structure and planning.

Who is this template for?

  • Online / Distance Learning Educator
  • Independent Private Tutor
  • Any type of Educator / Instructor looking to improve their teaching experience

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About the Creator:

I'm Milo and I am the creator of EMStudio and several other teacher-centric design resources. Originally an aerospace engineer, I’d gradually become dissatisfied with my routine and wanted a change… I ended up buying a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia.

6 years later, I now manage the top private English academy in Korea as the Content Coordinator for 22 teachers across 12 different campuses. During this time, I have grown to appreciate, study, and obsess over productivity and organization—leading me to start creating educational content, tools, and resources for the public.

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