Student Notion Template for Organization & Well-being | College Student

Student Notion Template for Organization & Well-being | College Student


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Streamline your student life with an all-encompassing Notion template, offering a range of academic planners, time management tools, and well-being organizers for optimized productivity and effective study routines

Student Notion Template for Organization & Well-being | College Student


Template Description:

Are you a busy student seeking to organize your school life efficiently? Look no further! The College Student Notion Template is meticulously designed with your academic journey in mind, ensuring you can study effectively while managing your well-being. This comprehensive template covers a range of academic planners, time management tools, and student life organizers to cater to all your needs.

Key Features:

  1. Master Calendar in Multiple Views:
    • Stay organized with a master calendar offering various views.
  2. Weekly Planner Layout Options:
    • Choose from two weekly planner layouts to suit your preferences.
  3. Template Buttons:
    • Easily add new pages with one click using template buttons.
  4. Priority Planner:
    • Determine task priorities effortlessly.
  5. Upcoming Schedule/Deadlines:
    • View weekly and daily planners for easy planning.
  6. Sync Calendars:
    • Automatically add schedules, assignments, exams, and more to your master calendar.
  7. Study Tools:
    • Pomodoro tracker, Multiple Choice answer sheet, flashcards, and grade calculator to enhance your study sessions.
  8. Automatic Grocery and Shopping Lists:
    • Plan your meals, and the template generates grocery lists for the week.
  9. Suggested Widgets:
    • Includes a list of recommended widgets for customization.
  10. Easy Editing:
    • Step-by-step guide for embedding widgets, changing icons, photos, and more.
  11. PDF Guide:
    • Detailed PDF guide with links to templates and instructions.
  12. Tablet and Phone Compatibility:
    • Use the template on tablets and phones for on-the-go access.

Included Sections:

  1. Planners:
    • Master Calendar, Weekly Planner (vertical and horizontal versions), Daily Planner, Priority Planner.
  2. School:
    • Semester Timetable, Course List, Course Planners, Grade Tracker, Assignment and Exam Planner, Essay Planner, Study Flashcards.
  3. Revision:
    • Revision Schedule, Pomodoro Tracker, Past Paper Tracker, Multiple Choice Answer Sheet.
  4. Life Planners:
    • Goal Planner, Job Application Tracker, Monthly Financial Tracker, Wish List, Books and Quote List, Movie/TV and Quote List.
  5. Well-being:
    • Weekly Journal, Morning and Night Routine, Meal Planner and Automatic Grocery List, Shopping List, Fitness Planner.

What You Will Receive:

  • PDF file with links to the template (horizontal and vertical weekly planners).
  • Guides on widget embedding, text editing, icon and photo changes.
  • Important information on template usage.

Important Notes:

  • This is a digital download; no physical products will be shipped.
  • You need a Notion account to use this template.
  • The template does not include a Spotify playlist; a guide for embedding your own playlist is provided.

🚀 Get organized and stay super productive this school year! Download the College Student Notion Template now and make school life a breeze.


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