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Student Notion Hub


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Unlock productivity and organization in your student life with the comprehensive Notion Student Hub—scientifically designed for effective learning, featuring integrated tools, lifetime updates, and a simple 3-step setup

Student Notion Hub


Template Description:

Are you overwhelmed by all your assignments, projects, and extra-curricular activities? Balancing your academic grades, career aspirations, personal life, CCAs... feels like too much to handle at times, doesn't it?I can totally relate to that sense of overwhelm, which is why I designed this Student Notion Hub from the ground up through extensive research (evidence included in the template) and my own personal experience as a student (I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Singapore Management University) - to help you stay organised and productive with your life.

What You Can Expect:

  • A simple yet functional layout for easy navigation
  • Scientifically-backed features that supports your learning
  • Lifetime access to future updates and improvements

What You'll Get:

  • 1x Dashboard
  • 6x Student Hubs
  • 10+ Tools & Templates
  • 1x Onboarding/Customisation Guide

Unique Features:

  1. Integrated Module Planner + GPA Tracker
  2. You can easily update your GPA by reflecting the grades for your respective modules, and even forecast your estimated GPA.

  3. Synced Databases: Task + Notes + Schedule
  4. The databases were built to link to one another in a way that allows for you to easily access your notes and keep track of your progress.

  5. Scientifically-Backed Tools & Templates
  6. You won't find this anywhere else. I did extensive research on the nuances that help a student learn better, and incorporated them into this Notion Hub. If you're interested to learn about the evidence that goes behind it, I've included them in the "Science & Reason" page in the template.

Get Started with a Simple 3-Step Process:

  1. Download this template and duplicate it to your Notion workspace
  2. Read the onboarding guide
  3. Start organising your entire student life in one place

Not having a proper system to keep track of all your academic and extra-curricular activities will not only result in overwhelm and stress, but could deter your overall performance.

With this Student Notion Hub, you can finally stay organised, be productive, and crush your academic and career goals.

Ready to excel at your grades and career? Download the template now.


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