Personal SCRUM Board — Notion Template

Personal SCRUM Board — Notion Template


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Transform personal planning with SCRUM-inspired Notion templates, offering basic and advanced options for flexible project management, streamlined workflow, and focused prioritization, all accessible from a centralized dashboard for enhanced productivity and organization.

Personal SCRUM Board — Notion Template:


Template Description:

The IT community around the world loves SCRUM. Why not use it for personal planning? :)These templates were created in Notion. After using them for weekly and daily planning, I improved them step by step. There are endless ways to design an ideal system with Notion!There are basic and advanced SCRUM templates. They have a place for ideas and actions. Manage projects and measure resources flexibly. Stay focused and don't forget anything!The dashboard keeps all of your information on one page. Don't waste time switching between pages! You no longer have to depend on dates with these templates. Use them when you really need them! The rest of the time, plan your next sprint or day based on Priority and Statuses.P.S. The secret to success in planning is to keep the information up-to-date and review it on a weekly basis!

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