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Notion Research Paper Tracker


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Efficiently track and take notes on research papers with this user-friendly template, designed to streamline the process for early researchers and students.

Notion Research Paper Tracker:


Template Description:

It's a simple tool to help early researchers, and students keep track of the research papers they're reading and take notes from them. The template includes basic information about each paper, such as the title, DOI, reading status, notes, and remarks. This focus on the reading allows users to track their papers efficiently and effectively.

Key Features:

  1. Research Paper Tracker in Notion: The template is designed to help early researchers and students keep track of the research papers they're reading and take notes from them.
  2. Basic Version: Provides different Notion layouts to track papers, including basic information such as title, DOI, reading status, notes, and remarks, enabling efficient paper tracking.
  3. 3Pass Version: Incorporates the 3-pass reading method along with the basic version of the template. This version includes detailed notes on the 3-Pass Approach to Reading Research Papers, taking notes from research papers, use of reference managers with Notion, and extra apps for the research journey.
  4. 3-Pass Approach to Reading Research Papers: Describes the structured method involving skimming the paper for an overview, reading carefully for details, and evaluating the paper's contributions and quality, ensuring comprehensive understanding.
  5. Notes and Remarks: Allows users to add additional notes and remarks about each paper, enhancing organization and comprehension.
  6. Integration with Reference Managers: Provides guidance on using reference managers alongside Notion for better research management and organization.
  7. Extra Apps for Research Journey: Offers suggestions for additional apps that can complement Notion and enhance the research experience.

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