Notion Company Starter Kit by Solt Wagner

Notion Company Starter Kit by Solt Wagner


Price : 59$


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The Notion Company Starter Kit offers a collection of five templates to manage your company in one place, including tools for project management, CRM, time tracking, social media planning, and creative resource management, all at a discounted price.

Notion Company Starter Kit:


Template Description:

Manage your Company in one place with these useful templates. These templates help you reach your goals in 2024.

Key Features:

  • 5 templates
  • Easy to use
  • Easy navigations
  • Clean and simple layouts
  • Customizable
  • 5 Star Rating Templates

5 Notion Templates included:

  • Company OS - $29
  • Ultimate Time Tracker - $29
  • Ultimate CRM Board - $15
  • Social Content Planner - $9
  • Creative Board, +200 Resources, 50 Product Ideas with Guide - $5

The templates full price is $87, but now you can buy these all templates in one kit only for $59

Frequently Asked Questions:

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3. How I will receive a template?
4. Notion has a Free plan?
5. How can I become an affiliate?
6. If you have any question

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