Best Aesthetic Notion Templates For Student

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Check Out Our Best Aesthetic Notion Templates For Student Collection To Increase Your Productivity.

These Best Aesthetic Notion Templates help For Student To Maintain Their Planner and routine , And Much More Things .

1. Aesthetic Light Academia School Planner/Organizer:


Where Does It Help: Effortlessly manage homework and tasks with a comprehensive homework log, to-do lists, and user-friendly course gallery for easy access to class information.

2. Aesthetic Student Dashboard - Semester Planner/Tracker | Aesthetic Notion Template Download:


Where Does It Help: Enhance your student life with this feature-rich Notion template, designed for high school, college, or university students, aiding organization and study efficiency for classes, notes, exams, and more.


  1. Organize Your Locker:
    • Keep everything in your 'locker,' including classes, lecture notes, homework, coursework, exams, review topics, quizzes, and grades.
  2. Pre-Made Lecture Note Templates:
    • Save time setting up your notes with ready-to-use lecture note templates.
  3. Calendar Overview:
    • Stay informed about upcoming events and deadlines with a clear calendar view.
  4. Effortless Exam Revision:
    • Simplify exam preparation by having all your notes consolidated in one place.
  5. Collaboration Made Easy:
    • Share notes and collaborate seamlessly with friends for enhanced learning.
  6. Stress-Free Semester Hub:
    • Reduce stress and enhance organization with a beautifully designed semester hub.

3. Simple College/University Student Dashboard - Lectures & Class Notes | Aesthetic Notion Template Download:


Where Does It Help: Elevate your study routine with this comprehensive student Notion template, offering easy access to lecture notes, grade tracking, and effective organization for academic success.


  • Simplicity and Ease:
    • Designed for students seeking a simple and easy way to track lecture notes without unnecessary complexity.
  • Time Efficiency:
    • Save time and enhance productivity with a template that streamlines your note-taking process.
  • Grade Boosting:
    • Bump up your grades by staying organized and having quick access to essential lecture materials.

4. Student Hub for Notion | Aesthetic Dashboard for your University Life:


Where Does It Help: Elevate your university journey with the Makiso Notion Template, a comprehensive organizational tool featuring a task manager, habit tracker, and aesthetically designed templates for classes, lectures, readings, and exam deadlines.


  1. Task-Manager
  2. Habit Tracker
  3. Custom designed templates for all databases for faster workflow
  4. Linked Databases for:
    1. Classes
    2. Lectures
    3. Readings
    4. Exam Deadlines

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